[Novel] The History of Mr. Polly (H.G. Wells)

The History of Mr. Polly


A story about a man who gets tired of dull and ridiculous nature of common life.

Pleasant, flowing old-school prose
The plot’s not particularly exciting
Humorous, quirky atmosphere
Interesting, likable, profound characters
Thought-provoking on life

[Game] Medal of Honor (2010)

Medal of Honor


I was curious about this game since it took place in a relatively unusual setting of war in Afghanistan, but it turned out to be just a washed down version of Call of Duty that has not even a hint of the old Medal of Honor left about it.

Interesting setting
Feels very uninspired and doesn’t offer anything that other games don’t already do better
The plot is just a combination of mostly disjointed setpieces

[Game] Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Assassin Creed Syndicate


The first Assassin’s Creed that I actually felt functioned like a proper sandbox, probably due to the added driving sections and actually interesting side missions.

I was a bit worried that 19th century London might have been a bit too modern for this game series, but with likable characters and missions that finally make you feel like an assassin, Syndicate has proven to be among my favorite AC games together with AC2 and Black Flag.

Breathtaking visuals
Still lots of sections in the city that feel empty game-play wise
A huge city with lots of historical locations to explore
Clunky, overly simplistic combat
Cool, historical, vintage atmosphere
The grappling hook, while making navigation smoother, makes most other climbing mechanics obsolete
Likable, quirky, if not particularly profound characters
Stealth actually functions and is pretty fun
Assassination missions finally make you feel somewhat like an assassin
Awesome climbing mechanics, as always

[Novel] Guernica Night (Barry N. Malzberg)

Guernica Night


A novel about high rates of suicide becoming a significant threat to human population in the far future that despite the interesting premise and some food for thought struggles at involving its readers.

Interesting premise
The plot takes forever to kick in and is not that interesting even then
Thought-provoking on suicide and modern society
Characters range from forgettable to downright nasty

[Game] Cuphead



A fantastic beat/shoot’em up that’s a pleasure both to play and look at.

Beautiful visuals modeled after old school cartoons
Could have had more platforming levels
Pleasant soundtrack
Doesn’t offer much in terms of narrative
Tight, responsive game-play
Awesome boss fights
Challenging difficulty

[Anime] Danganronpa 3

Danganronpa 3


Darn, I thought I couldn’t go wrong with this even if its reception didn’t quite qualify for my watch-list since I liked Danganronpa so much, but…

All I wanted was to see how the Danganronpa’s main villain managed to corrupt her lieutenants and convince the world to embrace despair, but besides being simply bad in almost every possible category, this anime provides an answer that is the laziest copout ever, ruining everything the original games had set up in the worst way possible. I thought I’d enjoy this show regardless of its quality since I liked the original’s characters so much, but it only succeeded at pissing me off and made me wish I never watched it. I’ve seen better backstory ideas in random Danganronpa’s ero doujinshi.

Enoshima Junko gets a lot of screentime
Underwhelming animation
Horrible story
Dumb plot
All the original characters are awful
Ruins all the awesome stuff that the games had set up