[VN-RPG] Utawarerumono: Masks of Deception and Truth

Utawarerumono 2

Utawarerumono returns with a bang offering another great story in its fantastic world.

Release: 2015-2016 (Aquaplus)
Writers: Suga Munemitsu (Utawarerumono, To Heart 2)
Japanese difficulty: Medium
English: Atlus
Ratings: VNDB (8.13); EGS (8.07)

Visual Novel

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[Game] Donkey King Country

Donkey Kong Country


An endearing if somewhat outdated platformer. I couldn’t shake off the feeling that the monkeys weren’t as responsive to me as Mario or Mega Man.

Nice old-school platforming
Good stage variety
A couple of sections where frustration overshadows the fun
Starts feeling a bit repetitive on a prolonged session

[VN] Suisou Ginka no Istoria


A nakige with a G-Senjou no Maou vibe that starts extremely strong, but sadly almost completely falls apart mid-way through.

Release: 2017 (Uguisu Kagura)
Writers: Lucle (Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai)
                    Common – 4/5
                    Yuura – 1/5
                    Yurugi – 1/5

                    Sayo – 1/5
                    Kukuri – 1/5
                    True – 2/5

Japanese difficulty: Medium
English: Not Available
Ratings: VNDB (7.88); EGS (7.67)

Visual Novel

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[Novel] The Good Earth (Pearl S. Buck)

The Good Earth


A fascinating historical tale about a Chinese farmer’s struggles with poverty and his eventual rise to power. Pearl S. Buck reads a lot like John Steinbeck, just in China.

Interesting, likable, profound characters
Relatively captivating plot
Solid, memorable story that covers the entire life of a great man
Enlightening on Chinese culture
Thought-provoking on human condition and life in general

[TV] Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Disclaimer: this impression is based on the first seven seasons of the show.



Game of Thrones is my favorite TV series that does everything one would ever want from a gritty medieval fantasy adventure, but I feel that its later seasons are not as well-thought out as the earlier, no doubt because they ran out of the book material.

I’ll see how the final, eighth, season plays out, but while I enjoyed every second of the season seven, there were twists that made me raise an eyebrow, and I don’t feel I like where some things are going, concentrating more attention on the mute undead threat than human politics where the show used to excel at.

In any case, while I didn’t feel like that after the first five seasons, I currently think I’m going to read the books after all… if they ever get finished.

Awesome cinematography
Later seasons that are not longer based on the books don’t feel as polished
Fascinating, gritty medieval fantasy setting
Immersing, dark atmosphere
Interesting, likable, profound characters
Enthralling plot full of twists
Fantastic pacing with something interesting happening all the time
Solid, well thought-out story fueled by medieval politics