[Novel] Paris Trout (Pete Dexter)

Paris Trout


A thought-provoking story about justice and treatment of blacks in mid-twentieth century America.
Positive: Negative:
Interesting, profound characters Doesn’t stand out much from other works dealing in similar themes
Relatively engrossing plot
Enlightening on the period
Thought-provoking on humanity

[Nukige] Shoujo Minority



Shoujo Minority is one of those unfortunate cases where a nukige tries to focus more on the story than the actual porn. The nice art and above average plot still makes it a fairly pleasant experience, but you’ll have to sit through a lot of text in between the fun parts… and most of its scenes aren’t necessarily that titillating

Beautiful artwork
Too much plot distracts from the adult content
Interesting characters
Most ero scenes are average at best
Above average plot for a nukige

[Game] Nier

Nier Replicant


An idiosyncratic action RPG that’s set in a world so weird it feels like an allegory for something.

Fantastic music
Characters feel a bit generic
Interesting, bizarre world that has a surprising amount of depth
Plot is a bit hard to follow
Interesting, unusual story… that only mostly kicks in second playthrough
Game-play gets a bit repetitive with waves of mob enemies
Good, memorable boss fights
Spells are way too overpowered

Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho


Although it has a relatively unique premise, Mob Psycho soon throws most of its novel concepts away and adapts itself to the usual fighting shounen tropes.

A unique premise focusing on psychic powers and ghosts
Falls right into the usual shounen tropes just after a few episodes
Genuinely funny humor
Doesn’t offer anything particularly special
Likable characters
Lack of memorable female characters
Some cool fights

[Game] Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2


I wasn’t exactly thrilled for Watch Dogs 2 after the first game turned out to be such an epic disaster, but, as unexpected as it was, it seems like Ubisoft addressed most of the issues that brought down the original and made a game that was actually… fun.

Beautiful, high-end visuals
The plot feels a bit like a random selection of set-pieces
Likable characters
Physical sneaking felt more tedious than fun most of the time
A story that actually addresses some very important issues
A needless amount of different options can sometimes overwhelm you
A lot of variety of how to approach missions

[Anime] Durarara!!



A wacky representation of Ikebukuro with dozens of fascinating characters.

It’s just too bad that, despite being fun all the way through, the plot doesn’t feel like it has a clear direction and fizzles out rather than ending with a bang.

Positive: Negative:
Cool, upbeat atmosphere The plot doesn’t have a clear direction most of the time
Lots and lots of wacky, likable, and memorable characters Underwhelming ending
Engrossing plot with countless twists
Does a good job at representing crazy life in a giant, fast-paced city in a hyperbolised way