Written by the very prolific but mostly underwhelming Morisaki Ryuuto (森崎亮人), Hapymaher is a romantic comedy which mostly takes place inside an odd collective dream of the protagonist and a few of his female friends.

Apart from the really beautiful visuals this visual novel has simply nothing to offer. The plot is a mix of generic romantic humor and third-rate coming of age drama; and is almost identical throughout all of the routes. Daily scenes are downright painful to read due to dull repetitive writing; the same gags are repeated like a billion times. Also, since you know everything is just a dream and won’t have any repercussions, there is barely any tension in the whole thing. Only the, so called, true route of Alice has a semblance of a real story, but it’s still neither particularly good, nor interesting.

If you, like me, are infatuated by the visuals of this visual novel I recommend to skip through the story and just enjoy the erotic scenes. You won’t lose anything of value here.

Positive: Negative:
Extremely attractive visuals Bad repetitive writing
An interesting concept Boring generic story
 Likable characters Plot is boring and has no tension

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