Mein Kampf

Mein KampfThis book, I suppose, needs no introductions, being written by the leader of the 20th century boogeyman (nazi) and all.

Being born almost half a century after the events of the Second World War, I had never had the chance to feel its direct effect on my life, and thus have always regarded Hitler as just another megalomaniac dictator who believed that he was working in the interests of his people and country a la Caeser or Napoleon. After reading this book, however, I came to a surprising realization that Hitler, despite how most people portray him, was never as megalomaniac or self-interested as the other leaders in history, or, indeed, as he should have better been. His love, or rather obsession, with Germany seeps through the pages of this book and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hitler sacrificed his own life for the country had he ever had the chance. His obsession with Germanic race, as opposed to his own personal gain, led him to hate everything that was hindering the state and, at the same time, offered a way to justify this hate as it was, in his mind, for the best interests of Germanic people. I wonder if he could have done as many atrocities as he did if he didn’t have this concept of “patriotism” to justify himself. Incidentally, despite reading the whole book I didn’t get how Aryan race is actually defined, it kind of seemed like an incomplete theory which could arbitrarily incorporate any white guy who did something significant in history

Anyway, while the ramblings about the greatness of the Germanic race and the illuminati Jews, who are responsible for every bad thing in the history of the universe, are mostly far-fetched and have a strong delusion vibe, the insights to the politics of the age and critique of the parliamentary government are quite well founded. Having only the most basic historical education of the period, a lot of his concepts and critiques went over my head, but I certainly could see a problem with a reluctant responsibility-free government, especially since it’s probably the main problem we have now. Still, while his fascistic regime did solve most of those problems, it brought a plethora of its own, which were way worse.

Originally, I actually thought that Hitler had something good in mind when I was told his movement supported natural selection, however, after reading Mein Kampf I realized his policy was actually in direct contradiction with the real scientific theory where genetic diversity is what makes species strong and adaptable. If the world had adopted Hitler’s racial policy we’d have various ethnic races oppressed or exterminated, reducing this genetic diversity and effectively going against our own interests from an evolutionary standpoint. Some people just have no idea what natural selection is, it seems. Favoring a single race, like aryans or whatever, can only lead species to extinction; there is a reason why it is not recommended to have children with your sisters.

World is far from perfect now, but the capitalistic regime, where those in power are mostly motivated by personal gain as opposed to Hitler’s nationalism, is probably more beneficial to our species than any of his ideas in the long run. After all, personal gain is the leading force of evolution, and a society where people are motivated to improve themselves (study) to achieve power without relying on the advantages gained through incidental subjective factors (race, nationality, religion, tradition) is a prime example of natural selection. Unfortunately, family connections and initial capital still factors a lot to one’s advantage in gaining power in our society, but at least it’s better than anything else people came up with in the past couple of millennium.

A fine read if you are interested in the personality of Hitler and an insider view of fascism, as opposed to all the subjective hate ridden stuff we are exposed to today. Not really as an insightful book as I had thought it to be, though; Hitler was more of a self-deluded patriot than a megalomaniac evil genius. Actually, from this book I got the impression that if there is an evil genius it’s a Jew, and his ability to freely manipulate all the world including this so called Aryan race only proves his superiority. Now that I think about it, arguably the most fascinating discovery in human history, general relativity, was also done by a Jew. If there is any truth to Hitler’s racial ramblings in this book, it, ironically, only indicates that it is Jews, not Aryans, that is the “master” race.

By the way, people who have opinions and rate this book without actually reading it are, in my opinion, worse than the author. As it is precisely those who choose laziness over critical thinking that are eventually manipulated into doing atrocities they themselves fail to comprehend, playing into the hands of a misguided lunatic.