Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho


Although it has a relatively unique premise, Mob Psycho soon throws most of its novel concepts away and adapts itself to the usual fighting shounen tropes.

A unique premise focusing on psychic powers and ghosts
Falls right into the usual shounen tropes just after a few episodes
Genuinely funny humor
Doesn’t offer anything particularly special
Likable characters
Lack of memorable female characters
Some cool fights

[Anime] Durarara!!



A wacky representation of Ikebukuro with dozens of fascinating characters.

It’s just too bad that, despite being fun all the way through, the plot doesn’t feel like it has a clear direction and fizzles out rather than ending with a bang.

Positive: Negative:
Cool, upbeat atmosphere The plot doesn’t have a clear direction most of the time
Lots and lots of wacky, likable, and memorable characters Underwhelming ending
Engrossing plot with countless twists
Does a good job at representing crazy life in a giant, fast-paced city in a hyperbolised way


[Anime] ReLife



An interesting school drama that plays it on what it would be to return to high school after ten years. I somehow managed to accidentally watch this when I was the exact same age as the protagonist, lol.

Positive: Negative:
Attractive character designs Story and plot, while interesting, are nothing special
Interesting premise The twist at the end kind of cleaved my interest in half
Interesting, likable characters Unfinished
Makes you feel pleasantly nostalgic about your youth



[Anime] Hunter x Hunter (2011)



Hunter x Hunter is about the only shounen that doesn’t treat its audience like idiots with its fights being decided by cunning and strategy as opposed to nakama power.

The only reason I don’t give it a full score is that it’s unlikely to ever get finished as even when the mangaka decides to stop stalling, he just starts introducing new things instead of solving what he’s already set up (all episodes with Phantom Troupe are 5/5 though).

Positive: Negative:
A couple of nice music tracks Slow pace (especially ant arc)
Fascinating setting full of imagination Some plot threads go nowhere
Interesting, likable, memorable, relatively profound characters Everything about Alluka feels like a copout
Captivating, suspenseful plot full of twists Unfinished
Good action scenes
Yorknew City arc is amazing
Ingenious mind-games and situations


[Anime] Glass Mask



A fantastic shoujo show with one of the most endearing protagonists in anime that mixes show business and romance at just the right amounts. It might have even made it to my favorites if it didn’t leave you blueballed at the most interesting point.

…And if you’re planning to read the manga, I wouldn’t recommend going past volume 47 as the latest chapter ends on the cruelest cliffhanger ever only for it to get stalled for four goddamn years.

Positive: Negative:
Great, effective background music The pacing of earlier episodes is way too fast with one volume adapted to one episode
Interesting, likable characters Unfinished
Fantastic protagonist that’s both endearing and scary at the same time
Addicting plot with countless twists
Solid story that hits all the right notes
Surprisingly heavy-hitting romance despite the two leads having very little time together
A fascinating take on the show business of professional acting

[Anime] Cross Game


I guess baseball being innately a less active sport is party to blame, but after Haikyuu, this sports anime felt painfully dull.

Positive: Negative:
Despite being dull, most characters have quite a bit of depth Ugly character designs
The world of the story comes off as very consistent and meticulously crafted Dull characters that all talk like they are fifty years old
Dull plot that mostly consists of slice of life than goddamn baseball
Dull sports matches


[Anime] Haikyuu!!


A volleyball anime that while average on pretty much everything else offers some insanely tense and satisfying matches. If you’re into sports anime, you’ve got to watch this.

Positive: Negative:
Good music Everything other than the volleyball matches is kinda dull and forgettable
Likable characters No memorable female characters or romance to spice things up
Tense, satisfying, memorable volleyball matches
Teaches all you need to know about volleyball
Though technically still ongoing ends on an extremely satisfying point