[Novel] Isle of the Dead (Roger Zelazny)

Isle of the Dead


While it has an interesting premise and a fascinating world, Isle of the Dead’s plot and characters don’t offer much in terms of memorability.

Interesting premise
Characters, while not really bad in any way, are not all that interesting
Fascinating setting that mixes sci-fi and fantasy
The plot, while okay, is kind of predictable and not that memorable

[Novel] The Crying of Lot 49 (Thomas Pynchon)

The Crying of Lot 49


A psychedelic adventure with countless wacky characters that seeks to uncover an illegal underground post organization… when it’s not getting sidetracked by every single new weird thing on the road.

Positive: Negative:
Lively, entertaining prose
Overabundance of useless characters makes it hard to keep track of the important ones
Weird, almost psychedelic atmosphere
Keeps getting sidetracked and jumping all over the place making the plot hard to follow
Wacky, interesting, likable characters
The ending is kind of underwhelming
Immersing mystery driven plot
Good, fast pacing

[Novel] The Man Who Folded Himself (David Gerrold)

The Man Who Folded Himself


A fascinating tale about time travel that actually focuses on various crazy phenomena of meeting yourself.

A very interesting premise
Basically, has just one character
A very unique approach to time travel stories
Focuses on but a single thing and would get repetitive if not for its short length
Engrossing plot
Good, thought-provoking story

[Novel] Paris Trout (Pete Dexter)

Paris Trout


A thought-provoking story about justice and treatment of blacks in mid-twentieth century America.
Positive: Negative:
Interesting, profound characters Doesn’t stand out much from other works dealing in similar themes
Relatively engrossing plot
Enlightening on the period
Thought-provoking on humanity