[Game] Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary


I was afraid to get my expectations too high before going it, but darn, this game genuinely feels like a 2D Dark Souls.

Artistic visuals
Story is nearly impossible to follow
Dark, creepy atmosphere
Loads of missable NPCs
Exploring the world is loads of fun
Great, responsive game-play
Great boss fights
Challenging difficulty

[Game] Obduction



A worthy spiritual successor to Myst that shares both most of its strengths and weaknesses.

Beautiful visuals Lots of frustrating, tiresome puzzles
Cool, mysterious atmosphere Story is really hard to follow
Surroundings tell the story Not for those easily bored

[Game] Battle Realms

Battle Realms


A competent but somewhat outdated real time strategy game. It had me at first, but final campaign missions turned into a bit of a slog.

Interesting setting
Outdated visuals
Satisfying real-time strategy game-play
Controls not always as responsive as you’d like
You don’t get to play all factions in the campaign

[Game] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


The innovative sci-fi additions to jumping and actually (almost) coherent story make Call of Duty Advanced Warfare probably the best one in the series since 4.

Good visuals
Still feels a bit too familiar for veterans of the series
Good, polished shooting game-play
No memorable music
Challenging difficulty

[Game] Kirby’s Adventure

Kirby's Adventure


I never played Kirby games before so I figured the best place to start would be the first, and despite feeling really outdated with somewhat clunky controls and repetitive level design, Kirby’s adventure is still a pretty okay experience if you’re into old school platformers, though it definitely didn’t hook me as Sonic or Mega Man.

Simple but fun game-play
Outdated visuals
Good boss fights
Controls feel a bit clunky
Has the nostalgic vintage feel
Repetitive stage design

[Game] Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria


Tales of Berseria has probably the strongest start of any game in the series and its cast of antiheroes and outcasts is a much needed gust of fresh air to the usual formula, but it’s also marred down by a lackluster dungeon design,  a dull world, and an exceedingly boring middle where the story pretty much stops for twenty hours as you busy yourself with a giant fetch quest.

That said, although not perfect, it’s still the best Tales game I played since Vesperia (mainly because of the amazing cast of characters). It’s funny how they had to hit rock bottom with Zestiria to finally get their act together.

Attractive, cool character designs
Environment is boring and lacks detail
Great background music
Boring dungeons
Great voice-acting
Boring, small world doesn’t give the sense of adventure
Possibly the best and funniest party in Tales series
Villains, or rather, the good guys in this case, don’t have enough screentime
It’s great to play as what you’d normally consider villains for a change
The plot pretty much stops for twenty hours in the middle
Enthralling plot, except for the middle partI
Predictable conclusion that doesn’t stick in memory much
A solid story, though it feels a bit like a watered down version of Tales of Abyss
Challenging but fair and responsive battle system
A very convenient map, with side-quests and everything else you’d need (more games should do this)
High quality localization

[Game] Sam & Max: Save the World

Sam & Max - Sace the World


Although it lacks in punch compared to the original, Sam & Max are as funny as they ever were in this slightly repetitive adventure.

Good writing
Loses some of its charm by shifting to 3D
Likable characters
The episodic nature starts feeling a bit repetitive as you keep going through the same characters and locations
Genuinely funny humor
Lacks the sense of genuine adventure the original had