[Game] Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria


Tales of Berseria has probably the strongest start of any game in the series and its cast of antiheroes and outcasts is a much needed gust of fresh air to the usual formula, but it’s also marred down by a lackluster dungeon design,  a dull world, and an exceedingly boring middle where the story pretty much stops for twenty hours as you busy yourself with a giant fetch quest.

That said, although not perfect, it’s still the best Tales game I played since Vesperia (mainly because of the amazing cast of characters). It’s funny how they had to hit rock bottom with Zestiria to finally get their act together.

Attractive, cool character designs
Environment is boring and lacks detail
Great background music
Boring dungeons
Great voice-acting
Boring, small world doesn’t give the sense of adventure
Possibly the best and funniest party in Tales series
Villains, or rather, the good guys in this case, don’t have enough screentime
It’s great to play as what you’d normally consider villains for a change
The plot pretty much stops for twenty hours in the middle
Enthralling plot, except for the middle partI
Predictable conclusion that doesn’t stick in memory much
A solid story, though it feels a bit like a watered down version of Tales of Abyss
Challenging but fair and responsive battle system
A very convenient map, with side-quests and everything else you’d need (more games should do this)
High quality localization

[Game] Sam & Max: Save the World

Sam & Max - Sace the World


Although it lacks in punch compared to the original, Sam & Max are as funny as they ever were in this slightly repetitive adventure.

Good writing
Loses some of its charm by shifting to 3D
Likable characters
The episodic nature starts feeling a bit repetitive as you keep going through the same characters and locations
Genuinely funny humor
Lacks the sense of genuine adventure the original had

[Game] Bloodborne



Bloodborne is the second best Souls game after Dark Souls and that’s mainly because it’s not limited by being a sequel. It feels fresh both from the storytelling perspective, with a completely new setting and a story that would make Lovecraft proud, and game-play which is turned upside down with a tweaked dodge mechanic and the lack of shield yet retains all what made Dark Souls so enjoyable (although I do have one minor gripe with making healing faster which trivialized some of my boss encounters).

I bought my PS4 pretty much solely for this game and I still feel like I underpaid for this kind of quality.

Positive: Negative:
Fantastic visuals both from technical and artistic standpoint
The story is very hard to follow without looking things up
Immersing, dark atmosphere
A lot of easily missable important NPCs
Awesome orchestral music on boss fights, and very atmospheric sound design
Apart from looks armor sets have very little variation game-play wise
Amazing setting inspired by Victorian horror stories
Changes to the healing system makes the game easier to cheese
Fascinating, surreal story
So good it ruins other games for you
Deep, complex lore
Thought-provoking storytelling
All item placement and drops make sense lore-wise
Great sense of adventure
Fantastic dungeon design
Fantastic boss fights
Fantastic battle mechanics
Somehow manages to be both fresh and familiar in a perfect way
Challenging difficulty

[Game] Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider


Rise of the Tomb Raider looks and plays almost identical to the prequel, but its story comes off a lot less inspired and the ice-covered environment it offers is not as interesting to explore this time around.

Beautiful visuals
Underwhelming, bland story
Satisfying climbing and platforming game-play
Lara feels like she lost most of her humanity compared to the prequel
Satisfying shooter and stealth game-play
Nowhere near as many spectacular sights and action setpieces as in the prequel
Collectibles are well integrated and shed light on the story
Shows no real evolution since the prequel

[Game] Torment: Tides of Numenera



At first sight Torment: Tides of Numenera feels like it does everything right to be a worthy successor of Planescape Torment — it follows the theme of immortality without being too similar to the original, it inherits its great and detailed writing, and is set in an almost as fascinating world — yet after a bit of playing, you cannot help but realize that at the same time there’s not a single thing that this game exceeds the original on either.

It also feels both unnecessarily dense, with almost every pixel on the screen filled with some interactive gadget or a side-quest, and too short at the same time, with a main quest that ends abruptly almost as though they were short on time.

All that said, despite its shortcomings, I still most certainly enjoyed the game very much overall, and anyone into text heavy RPGs owes it to themselves to check it out.

Attractive, detailed 2D backgrounds
Very basic and bland-looking character models
Extremely fascinating, super far future fantasy setting with rich lore
Too many side-quests and interactive objects that don’t lead to anything memorable
Interesting, solid story
Short, rushed main quest with a somewhat predictable and underwhelming ending
Lots and lots of weird places and cool things to explore
Companions get almost no development and only few even have a quest
Great, old-school true role-playing game-play
Almost no combat game-play, especially if you play charisma based character
Thought-provoking on immortality

[Game] Klonoa: Door to Phantomile



Although a tad bit dated, Klonoa delivers a unique mix of platforming and puzzle game-play that any fan of these kind of games owes it to themselves to check out.

Good, unique platformer with puzzle elements game-play
Outdated visuals
Good boss fights
Not much of a story

[Game] Until Dawn

Until Dawn


An interesting mix of telltale-like adventure and horror, though your decisions don’t have as much effect on the plot as you might think, even if they lead in saving the lives of characters.

Also, although Until Dawn starts pretty interesting the final reveal is silly enough to turn horror into comedy. That said, it’s still definitely a worthwhile if you’re a horror fan or just want to test the capabilities of your PS4.

Beautiful visuals
The plot turns kind of silly towards the end
Characters aren’t too bad
Quick time events can very easily upset your playthrough
The plot is pretty intriguing at first
Saving lives of characters doesn’t feel that rewarding when they’ve got no screen-time later anyway
Simplistic but fun adventure game-play
Doesn’t offer anything much to set itself apart in a significant way