[Nukige] Bishoujo Mangekyou: Tsumi to Batsu no Shoujo

美少女万華鏡 -罪と罰の少女-


As its prequels, Tsumi to Batsu no Shoujo combines high level ero content with an actual story that puts it in an odd position between nukige and plotge. But while its story is leagues above what you usually find in nukige, it’s only slightly above average as visual novels go, and at the same time, distracts from and spaces out the otherwise brilliant ero content too far inbetween compared to how I normally like it in my nukige.

It’s a top pick if you’re looking for that kind of thing, but like the prequel, it left me wondering if I wouldn’t have enjoyed it more if it rather put more focus on erotic content.

Fantastic artwork
Long-winded story distracts from ero content
Interesting characters
The plot is not interesting enough to carry the game on its own
A pretty good story for a nukige
Arousing ero scenes

[VN] Suisou Ginka no Istoria


A nakige with a G-Senjou no Maou vibe that starts extremely strong, but sadly almost completely falls apart mid-way through.

Release: 2017 (Uguisu Kagura)
Writers: Lucle (Kami no Ue no Mahoutsukai)
                    Common – 4/5
                    Yuura – 1/5
                    Yurugi – 1/5

                    Sayo – 1/5
                    Kukuri – 1/5
                    True – 2/5

Japanese difficulty: Medium
English: Not Available
Ratings: VNDB (7.88); EGS (7.67)

Visual Novel

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