[VN] Chaos; Head Love Chu Chu!

Chaos Head Love Chu Chu

I can’t believe I postponed checking this one out just because of the ridiculous title. What I expected to be just a random fanservice fandisc turned out to be a fitting epilogue to Chaos;Head main story that addresses pretty much every single issue I had with it and also offers some surprisingly good romance.

Chaos;Head isn’t complete without this and you simply have to play it if you enjoyed the original.

Quirky, 2chan inspired prose and dialogue
Doesn’t really offer a particularly riveting plot
Likable characters
I wish it was an eroge too 😦
Relatively good romance
Genuinely funny humor
Makes Chaos;Head complete

[Nukige] Shoujo Minority



Shoujo Minority is one of those unfortunate cases where a nukige tries to focus more on the story than the actual porn. The nice art and above average plot still makes it a fairly pleasant experience, but you’ll have to sit through a lot of text in between the fun parts… and most of its scenes aren’t necessarily that titillating

Beautiful artwork
Too much plot distracts from the adult content
Interesting characters
Most ero scenes are average at best
Above average plot for a nukige

[VN] Tokyo Necro


Tokyo Necro is a thrilling action-packed ride through one of the most fascinating settings in visual novel history.

Release: 2016 (Nitroplus)
Writers:  Shimokura Vio (Sumaga, Totono)
                    Gijou Mitsumi – 2/5
                    Con Su – 3/5
                    Aso Kiriri – 4/5

                    Hougyou Iliya – 4/5
Japanese difficulty: Hard
English: Not Available
Ratings: VNDB (8.00); EGS (8.31)


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