[Game] Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein II - The New Colossus


You know what to expect if you’ve played The New Order, and The New Colossus delivers exactly that.

Positive: Negative:
Fascinating alternate history setting
Can start feeling a bit repetitive after a prolonged gaming session
Actually interesting plot and characters Doesn’t feel much different from the previous game
Good cheesy old-school shooter game-play

[Novel] The Locked Room (Paul Auster)

The Locked Room


The last and probably the least interesting story of Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy. This one’s a bit less surreal and detectivy than the rest, but it’s still quite engrossing for the most part.
Positive: Negative:
Crisp, engrossing prose So surreal it’s a bit hard to make sense of
Interesting, weird characters The plot takes a while to kick in
Thought provoking on human mind

[Game] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess


I tend to play and enjoy games and other media from pretty much every genre imaginable, but there are still some works that completely baffle me.

Maybe it’s because I’ve owned Sega Genesis instead of Super Nintendo growing up and played Zelda for the first time when I was in my twenties, but I could never, for the love of me, understand the appeal of this series.

Incoherent narrative barely holds the adventure together, the setting is all over the place and makes no sense whatsoever, and, besides a couple of good puzzles and boss fights, the games are simply tedious to play.

I probably enjoyed Twilight Princess more than the older Zelda games simply due to better graphics, but otherwise, it’s the same kind of rehash of the same thing with a different skin like the rest. My first Zelda game, Skyward Sword, stands as the only one I managed to finish, and I enjoyed it mainly because of the motion controls. …And I suppose it was the only one where I felt that I wasn’t playing a game I’d already beat.

Cool, mysterious atmosphere
Incoherent story
Good dungeon design
No characters to speak of
Good boss fights
Everything other than dungeons is super tedious
Feels the same as all the other games in the series

[Novel] Hideaway (Dean Koontz)



A horror novel that does a good job at teetering between fantastic and realistic, but is otherwise relatively predictable and offers little that stands out in the rest in the genre.

Likable characters
Lacks originality
Relatively engaging plot
Cringely written child characters
Pulp fiction

[Game] Split/Second

Split Second


A racing game with a destruction gimmick that unfortunately gets old pretty fast.

Competent racing game-play
Starts feeling repetitive pretty quickly
It’s fun to destroy your opponents with environmental traps
It sucks to get destroyed by a random trap just before the finish line