[Game] Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

The Ballad of Gay Tony


I was afraid to get my hopes too high up as Lost and the Damned turned out to be a bit underwhelming for a GTA experience, but I didn’t need to do that at all. With its amazing cast and quirky humor, The Ballad of the Gay Tony might as well be better than the original Grand Theft Auto IV.

I really wish Rockstar made these kind of expansive DLCs for GTA5 too. Darn.

Likable, quirky characters
Anti-aliasing is so fucked it feels like you’ve got mud on your TV
Good, catchy music, especially the map theme
Immersing, quirky atmosphere
Good, interesting story
Hilarious humor, especially the radio stations
Good, polished sandbox game-play
Lots of content for what was supposed to be just DLC

[Novel] Southern Reach (Jeff VanderMeer)

Southern Reach


I loved the mysterious sci-fi beginning of this trilogy, but later books ended up focusing more on the characters than the mysteries and science fiction, ultimately concluding without even providing most of the answers to what I actually cared about.

Fascinating sci-fi mystery
Doesn’t spend as much time on the mystery and science fiction as it should
Profound characters
Feels incomplete with lots of questions left hanging in the air

[Game] Her Story

Her Story


An innovative concept with an interesting story, though it’s not really much of a game.

Innovative concept
Game-play consists solely of entering keywords into the search bar
Curious if not particularly mind-blowing story
Starts getting old fast, but luckily doesn’t overstay its welcome

[Novel] The Ipcress File (Len Deighton)

The Ipcress File


I’ve heard good things about this book, but they were either blown out of proportion, or I don’t get spy thrillers, because the plot  failed to engage me to the very end and I found none of the twists particularly memorable.

A cool, complicated conspiracy-mystery
The plot and characters are simply not that interesting

[Game] Path of Exile

Path of Exile


Well, this is exactly what I expected Diablo III to be.

Attractive visuals
Randomized dungeons
A lot of locations to visit
You get so much loot it becomes a pain to wade through all of it
Satisfying game-play
 Difficulty depends on your luck with loot
Addicting leveling-up mechanics
Addicting loot mechanics

[TV] Justified



Disclaimer: this impression is based on the first two seasons of the show.

A TV series about an old school marshal fighting crime in Kentucky that despite a few highs here and there is too padded with episodic filler to truly shine.

Interesting, likable, relatively profound characters
Huge amount of episodic filler drowns out the otherwise interesting story
Well-written dialogue
Awkward romance
Set in an exotic location of Kentucky state