Umineko no Naku Koro ni



Written by one of the best writers in the field, Ryukishi07, Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Time When Seagul’s Cry) is a masterpiece of mystery fiction.

Release: 2007 – 2010 (07th Expansion)
Writer: 竜騎士07 (Higurashi, Rose Gun Days)
Japanese difficulty: Medium
English: Witch Hunt
Ratings: VNDB (8.80); EGS (7.95)


Ryukishi07 borrows from his extensive knowledge of mystery genre to construct one of the most mind-blowing, heart-wrenching and thought-provoking detectives the world has ever seen. The mystery in this visual novel is so celver and effective it will take you dozens of hours to even grasp the fact that the story is supposed to be a detective instead of a horror splatter with witches and demons. With 84 murders in total, Umineko is on a completely different level than your average mystery novel, successfully utilizing the time-loop approach not only to create countless locked room tricks, but also to paint one of the most complex murderers in the history of fiction, whose motivation itself is the central puzzle of the whole humongous story.

Having said that, all other characters, ranging from the eighteen island visitors to various fantastical personifications, are all, without exception, simply fascinating. Even the sisters of purgatory, whom I thought to be just stock characters to metaphorically re-enact the murders, turn out to be extremely interesting and likable characters with “mortal sins”, they are supposed to represent, interpreted not only as negative, but even as positive traits. It’s really tough not to like “Greed”, whose wish to dominate and monopolize everything gives her capacity for endless effort.

You just have to read this visual novel; it excels at everything it tries to do. Be it mind-cracking intelligent mysteries, mind-boggling novel philosophies or heart-wrenching drama. It’s one of the very few works of fiction that incorporates elements from many different genres so effectively they succeed at evoking an indisputably “complete” self-consistent world of their own (Atziluth!).

Positive: Negative:
Beautiful, varied character designs Low number of event CGs (PS3)
High music variety, including some really good tracks Needless action scenes kill the pace in EP8
Fantastic ending song (EP8)
Interesting, likable, complex characters
Fantastic complex story which can take the form of mystery and fantasy at the same time
Extremely engrossing mysterious plot
Ingenious detective tricks
Full of effective emotional scenes
Extremely touching ending
Thought-provoking on family
Thought-provoking on the power of money
Thought-provoking on the destructive nature of love
Thought-provoking on our perception of reality

4 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro ni

  1. I agree that the lack of cg events in key or interesting points was a bit disappointing.

    Oh and if you did not know the action scene with goats is actually a parody of the readers who complained the whole time of the mysteries xD.


    • Yeah, that was some interesting meta over there, but they overstayed their welcome a bit, in my opinion.

      I was mostly complaining about the “battle scenes” toward the end with Bernkastel and Lamba Delta.

      An amazing VN, nonetheless, I can’t believe I was left wanting for more even after over 100 hours of reading.


    • Heh, I was meaning to read Higurashi for almost ten years now, lol. I bet my copy has turned to dust by now.

      I saw the anime, which was amazing, so it’s kinda holding me back from picking up the novel since I know what happens and all, but I’ll definitely do one day!

      It might be a good idea to read the VN first if you haven’t watched the anime yet though, I hear lots of great things about it; and MG seems to be in the middle of giving it a really good re-translation, too (if you read in English, that is).

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